Miko’s comic…


Title                    : hai, miiko!

Comicus            : Ono Eriko

The Characters  : Miko, Mari-chan, Tappei, Yuko, Yoshida, Mamoru, Kenta, Miho,miko’s parent, Momo, Yoshiki, etc.

Synopsis          : This comic tells about Miko’s life with her family and her friend. Many stories inside the comic, begin with school, house, etc. Many laugh from every story.

My opinion    : I like this comic. Miko’s comic is my favorite comic. I have read miko’scomic until miko volume 19. I have read this comic when I still in junior high school. This comic is very interesting to me. Many new stories from miko’s comic. So, don’t forget to read this comic!! Ok, friend!!



~ by mieluvearth on December 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Miko’s comic…”

  1. comic comic comic…..is it drug ? 🙂
    what do you learn form comic in your life ? just fun or the other. okey good luck 4 u.

  2. heihooooo

    visit my blog juga dongg!

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